kgitch share: Video – Connected Learning: Essence

I love my twitter feed.  This afternoon, DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub – Digital Media & Learning Research Hub based in California) tweeted out a link to a set of videos they commissioned in 2012 regarding “connected learning”.

After watching this short 7+ minute video, the thoughts that hit home to me and my role as an educator were:

We need to teach everyone, not just the basics, but teach everyone to be creative

The possibility of contribution is everywhere – in a cafe across the world, there are experts

More importantly, this is the question I am asking myself tonight:

How can I contribute in helping children possess a “burning need to know”?

You can also watch this on Vimeo (


2 thoughts on “kgitch share: Video – Connected Learning: Essence

  1. Thanks for sharing this video. I have tweeted it out to my followers. It’s important to remember that this work is one that should never be finished and that we should never be afraid to fail! Good thoughts for the day!

    • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole set of videos and find them both thoughtful and provoking. Glad you enjoyed them!

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