kgitch day three of #etmooc – A Day to Play

comic bitstrips2

I was out of commission yesterday, dealing with hospitals and surgeries, so I missed a whole day of #etmooc!

Sad face.

Which means that I played catch-up, put out fires and dealt with all the little things that happened while I was out. No time for class.

Even sadder face.

So, tonight, as I read through the twitter chat (#etmchat), I was thrilled to connect with more wonderful people and added even more fun programs to my “to learn/to play” with list for use in the classroom.

Happy face!

As I finish out the evening shift, I’ve played with

testing piktochart

Which in all honesty, did not move easily. It is extremely limited with the “free module” and I actually quit because the screen was difficult to move. I’ll be looking for another program – please share if you have success with one.

My other play was, very fun. But without the download ability, I had to print screen to get the image I wanted…

comic bitstrips

Other fun programs that I see use in the classroom – for humor or for presentation:

Create a tagged photo: very cool!!

This would be so fun to use for brainstorming sessions or classroom birthdays or events and RSVPs or for teachers to share thoughts:

So many different ideas with this timeline website:

What are you seeing as you read blogs and see introductions? Let me know, I’ll go take a look.



9 thoughts on “kgitch day three of #etmooc – A Day to Play

  1. Love the comic strip tool! It’s not one that I’ve used, but one that I’ll certainly consider. Is it your intent to create a blog for each day of the mooc or something that you are doing for the first week? The timeline tool is one that I found from someone recently and will use soon. I wrote an educational autobiography several semesters ago for an adult learning class. An interesting experience, but not a piece of work suitable for my blog. The timeline would be a more user and reader friendly way in which to share my story. Have you used it in the past?

    • I’m not sure what my pattern is for blogging, as I haven’t really set up a system, but I am trying to blog more than I have in the past. I’m really allowing this blog to be more about thoughts and questions, rather than essays and research. So, I’ll blog when the thoughts and shares are present! I’m seeing the etmooc and edcmooc writings to be a process of thoughts and ideas, rather than blogs that get published or shared around the internet. 🙂 We’ll see what I end up settling in to with kgitch on learning & technology.

      I was thinking that the timeline would work great as an add on to research papers or a planning guide, just a fun way to get the students to visualize the projects. It could be a great method to write a character plot and other such writing guides… just brainstorming.
      ~Karin (@kgitch)

  2. Hi Karin

    Hope everything better now?

    I failed blogging 101 by forgetting to make sure I had enabled my Subscribe by comments plugins. I don’t blog a lot from my personal blog so didn’t think to check. I’ve sent myself back to blogging school.

    Here’s what I said in response to your comment on my blog:

    Glad the overview helped.

    The messages I was trying to convey in my session are pretty much covered here in this post except for the bit at the beginning where I share my personal journey to becoming a blogger.

    My plan is to review the Whiteboard notes and chat — to use these to follow up with the other main questions participants were asking and discussing.


    • Sue,
      You are so thoughtful to have tracked me down! I’ve scheduled time tomorrow to listen to the whole presentation and look forward to looking further into the links you provided on blogging in the classroom and student blogging.
      Thanks for making me smile!

  3. Hi Karin. I loved the comic – used to use it with elementary students. You could probably just screenshot it, cropit, and insert it as an image in your blog. I’ve never started a professional blog, so this should be interesting. The one I’m using for #ETMOOC is just for this course, and after that, I’m not sure what direction to go. I just read your “About Me” and this statement was helpful: “I believe that you can be passionate about multiple things and share that effectively in this social media sphere.” I’ll have to give some more thought about that. Perhaps I will resurrect a blog I started that dealt with my life and faith, but haven’t written on in 3 years. I was on Facebook, but tired of that. But I visited some of your places and have some ideas. I hope this finds you well. Reading your personal blog, I can see your life journey has taken some turns off the path you were on. Peace….

    • Glenn,
      Thank you for your thoughtfulness! I do hope you find a balance of writing more than just for #etmooc, you have a fantastic written voice!

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