kgitch joining the conversation #etmooc

Eek! I’ve done it, I’ve joined the conversation around #etmooc.

1200 people/educators/professionals from 67 different countries are going to be a part of this course. It’s huge! Will it be worth it?


Last weekend, on Twitter there was a lot of chatter about how MOOCs (massive open online courses) were failing, their value not holding up, thought leaders calling this “dead” and reluctantly joining in “hoping” to see it’s value return. What I heard in all their opinions was that they couldn’t control what was happening (too many conversations/no one listening to instructor) or get enough data return (finished courses). Isn’t that the general concept of a MOOC, stepping out of those bonds, putting the value directly into the hands of the person learning?

One of the strongest attractions that I have to this type of learning is the fact that it is connecting, participatory and multifaceted – if you want it that way. Because you could join, listen, watch and LEARN, without ever joining the conversation. I have found that I love learning when it’s people like you and I joining in and talking. Not just the big names or “experts”, it’s those of us who actually are in the classrooms, walking the hallways, working with students, and building programs that meet their needs. We’re not waiting for the top tier to give us the information, we are connecting and learning and developing.

As for choosing this MOOC? I joined this #etmooc conversation to connect with adjuncts/professors/coordinators to learn how they integrate new methods and effectively teach. I joined because of the potential connections, the collaboration and the value for networking. I joined to listen and share. I joined to engage in learning.

So, hello to my fellow #etmooc classmates! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts, engaging in conversations and taking new skills back to my world.


What is a MOOC?

MOOC – Massive Open Online Course:

The simplest presentations by @davecormier from 2010 – about MOOCs and Successful learning in MOOCs.

Also MOOC – How to have Success in a MOOC:

What I will be joining in and talking about:

etMOOC – Educational Technology Massive Open Online Course

  • Welcome (Jan 13-19): Welcome Event & Orientation to #etmooc
  • Topic 1 (Jan 20-Feb. 2): Connected Learning – Tools, Processes & Pedagogy
  • Topic 2 (Feb 3-16): Digital Storytelling – Multimedia, Remixes & Mashups
  • Topic 3 (Feb 17-Mar 2): Digital Literacy – Information, Memes & Attention
  • Topic 4 (Mar 3-16): The Open Movement – Open Access, OERs & Future of Ed.
  • Topic 5 (Mar 17-30): Digital Citizenship – Identity, Footprint, & Social Activism

5 thoughts on “kgitch joining the conversation #etmooc

  1. Hi Karin,
    So much excitement in the air all about learning, it is very inspiring to see.
    I agree with you that the attractive part of diving into a MOOC is the connecting, networked facet. This connection seems to draw me in and strengthen both my motivation and deepen my learning.
    Looking forward to learning with you and great to connect in this adventure into #etmooc,
    Carolyn (@okmbio)

  2. Hello, Karin
    Thank you for following me! I am looking forward to orientation tomorrow, although I am not necessarily certain how it will occur. I’ve read through the email, but will need to go back and read it thoroughly. I am also registered to take a MOOC through Coursera-University of Edinburgh, which begins on the 28th. It may be a little wild and crazy at times trying to keep up with both. I thought that it would be interesting to complete both simultaneously-to explore how each it taught, the methodology and approaches applied to each. I agree with you entirely, the ability to make connections, to share ideas and to potentially expand my circle of “people” is worth the time and effort that both will require.

    Where are you located?

    • Hi Laurie,
      I thoroughly enjoy your writing style! I’m so happy I found your blog to follow. I’m located in Washington State, US surrounded by apple orchards and vineyards. It’s a lovely place to be. I was a quiet lurker on my last MOOC, really just seeing the process and listening the knowledge. This time I am jazzed to connect and look forward to this MOOC adventure!

      • Karin,
        Is this the stretch of highway from Seattle to Vancouver? If so, I’ve driven along that route into Canada. Such beautiful country! The air is so clean and crisp. The sun, not so evident all of the time. Oh, well. Can’t have it all.

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