kgitch the journey begins

During the last year of researching, reading, watching, following and learning, I have found that there is an amazing group of people that are exploring something new in the world of education. I’m attracted to the change makers, the thinkers who challenge the tried and true. What I find is that they open my thoughts to how I want to create and educate. In a world where a new app or program or method is created each day, I am thrilled to be learning at this time. Will every new idea or technology work in my classrooms or in my work? Probably not, but I will guarantee that there will be learning involved, improvement made and a new process created because of that failure.

As I research, test, and learn, I am excited to have this forum to write and talk with others about my journey. I invite you to join me, be a part of my personal learning network – converse, tweet and share.

The Future of Learning, Networked Society – Ericsson


Look forward to your comments! Or you can just like...

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